An extended version of the standard person from onegov.people.

Module Contents

class agency.models.person.ExtendedPerson[source]

Bases: onegov.people.Person,,

An extended version of the standard person from onegov.people.

es_type_name = 'extended_person'[source]
property es_public: bool[source]

Returns True if the model is available to be found by the public. If false, only editors/admins will see this object in the search results.

property es_suggestion: tuple[str, Ellipsis][source]

Returns suggest-as-you-type value of the document. The field used for this property should also be indexed, or the suggestion will lead to nowhere.

If a single string is returned, the completion input equals the completion output. (My Title -> My Title)

If an array of strings is returned, all values are possible inputs and the first value is the output. (My Title/Title My -> My Title)

property phone_internal: str[source]
property phone_es: list[str][source]
property location_address_html: markupsafe.Markup[source]
property postal_address_html: markupsafe.Markup[source]
property notes_html: markupsafe.Markup[source]
deletable(request: bool[source]