Source code for winterthur.views.occurrence

""" The onegov winterthur occurrence views. """

from morepath.request import Response

from import Public
from onegov.event import OccurrenceCollection, EventCollection
from onegov.winterthur import WinterthurApp

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.winterthur.request import WinterthurRequest

@WinterthurApp.view(model=OccurrenceCollection, name='xml', permission=Public)
[docs] def xml_export_all_events( self: OccurrenceCollection, request: 'WinterthurRequest' ) -> Response: """ Returns events as xml in Anthrazit format. This view was requested by Winterthur for their mobile app that displays the events provided by this xml view. Url for xml view: ../events/xml """ collection = EventCollection(request.session) return Response( collection.as_anthrazit_xml(request), content_type='text/xml', content_disposition='inline; filename=events.xml' )