Source code for winterthur.event_search_widgets

from functools import cached_property
from sqlalchemy import func, or_, cast, String

from onegov.core.templates import render_macro
from onegov.event import OccurrenceCollection, Event
from import WinterthurApp

from typing import ClassVar, Literal, TYPE_CHECKING
    from import DefaultLayout
    from onegov.winterthur.request import WinterthurRequest
    from sqlalchemy.orm import Query
    from typing import TypeVar

[docs] T = TypeVar('T')
[docs] class InlineEventSearch:
[docs] name: ClassVar[Literal['inline']]
def __init__( self, request: 'WinterthurRequest', search_query: dict[str, str] ) -> None: = self.request = request self.search_query = search_query @cached_property
[docs] def term(self) -> str | None: return (self.search_query or {}).get('term', None)
[docs] def html(self, layout: 'DefaultLayout') -> str: return render_macro(layout.macros['inline_search'], self.request, { 'term': self.term, 'title': None, 'action': self.request.class_link( OccurrenceCollection, variables={ 'search': } ) })
[docs] def adapt(self, query: 'Query[T]') -> 'Query[T]': """ Adapt the query to search for words in the search term `self.term` in event search properties. """ if not self.term: return query search_properties = [p for p in Event.es_properties.keys() if not p.startswith('es_')] for word in self.term.split(): conditions = [] for p in search_properties: conditions.append( func.lower(cast(getattr(Event, p), String)).contains( word.lower())) query = query.filter(or_(*conditions)) return query