Source code for winterthur.cronjobs

import os
import requests

from onegov.core.utils import module_path
from onegov.event import EventCollection
from onegov.winterthur import log
from import WinterthurApp
from onegov.winterthur.collections import AddressCollection

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.winterthur.request import WinterthurRequest

@WinterthurApp.cronjob(hour=15, minute=50, timezone='Europe/Zurich')
[docs] def update_streets_directory(request: 'WinterthurRequest') -> None: AddressCollection(request.session).update()
@WinterthurApp.cronjob(hour='02', minute='00', timezone='Europe/Zurich')
[docs] def import_dws_vk(request: 'WinterthurRequest') -> None: """ Download ics file from DWS and import the events daily. NOTE: typo in website url is correct (June 2023) """ ical_url = ('' '/public/basic.ics') try: response = requests.get(ical_url, timeout=30) except Exception as e: raise Exception( f'Failed to retrieve DWS events from {ical_url}') from e if not response.status_code == 200: raise Exception(f'Failed to retrieve DWS events from {ical_url}. ' f'Status code: {response.status_code}') icon_name = 'Veranstaltung_breit.jpg' icon_path = module_path('onegov.winterthur', 'static') + os.sep + icon_name file = open(icon_path, 'rb') # import events from response collection = EventCollection(request.session) added, updated, purged = collection.from_ical( # TODO: the ical stubs claim this needs to be `str`, but `bytes` seems # to work as well, so we'll leave it unchanged for now, but we # may want to try just passing `response.text` here. response.content, # type:ignore[arg-type] future_events_only=True, event_image=file, default_categories=[], # FIXME: I'm not super happy that we both allow a list of values and a # single value, what is the difference in behavior? Is there # even one? If not just make it always a list please. default_filter_keywords={ 'kalender': 'Sport Veranstaltungskalender', # type:ignore 'veranstaltungstyp': 'DWS' # type:ignore } )"Events successfully imported " f"({len(added)} added, {len(updated)} updated, " f"{len(purged)} deleted)")