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import re
import subprocess

from functools import cached_property
from io import BytesIO
from markupsafe import Markup
from onegov.core import utils
from onegov.core.orm.types import JSON
from onegov.core.static import StaticFile
from import OrgApp
from import get_common_asset as default_common_asset
from import get_i18n_localedirs as get_org_i18n_localedirs
from import GeneralFileCollection, GeneralFile
from onegov.winterthur.initial_content import create_new_organisation
from onegov.winterthur.roadwork import RoadworkClient
from onegov.winterthur.roadwork import RoadworkConfig
from onegov.winterthur.theme import WinterthurTheme
from pathlib import Path
from sqlalchemy import cast
from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory

from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Callable, Iterator
    from onegov.core.cache import RedisCacheRegion
    from import Organisation
    from onegov.winterthur.request import WinterthurRequest
    from webob import Response

[docs] class WinterthurApp(OrgApp):
[docs] serve_static_files = True
[docs] frame_ancestors = { '', 'https://*', 'http://localhost:8000', }
# disable same site cookie protection as we need to run inside iframes # with cookies enabled
[docs] def configure_organisation( self, *, enable_user_registration: bool = False, enable_yubikey: bool = False, disable_password_reset: bool = False, **cfg: Any ) -> None: super().configure_organisation( enable_user_registration=enable_user_registration, enable_yubikey=enable_yubikey, disable_password_reset=disable_password_reset, **cfg )
[docs] def enable_iframes(self, request: 'WinterthurRequest') -> None: request.content_security_policy.frame_ancestors |= self.frame_ancestors request.include('iframe-resizer')
[docs] def roadwork_cache(self) -> 'RedisCacheRegion': # the expiration time is high here, as the expiration is more closely # managed by the roadwork client return self.get_cache('roadwork', expiration_time=60 * 60 * 24)
[docs] def roadwork_client(self) -> RoadworkClient: config = RoadworkConfig.lookup() # FIXME: We should probably raise an error if the configuration # is incomplete... return RoadworkClient( cache=self.roadwork_cache, hostname=config.hostname, # type:ignore[arg-type] endpoint=config.endpoint, username=config.username, # type:ignore[arg-type] password=config.password # type:ignore[arg-type] )
[docs] def mission_report_legend(self) -> Markup: from onegov.winterthur.views.settings import DEFAULT_LEGEND settings ='mission_report_settings') or {} if 'legend' in settings: # NOTE: We need to wrap this in Markup. It would be cleaner # if we had a proxy settings object with dict_property return Markup(settings['legend']) # noqa: MS001 return DEFAULT_LEGEND
[docs] def hide_civil_defence_field(self) -> bool: settings ='mission_report_settings') or {} hide = settings.get('hide_civil_defence_field', False) return hide
[docs] def static_file(self, path: str) -> StaticFile: return StaticFile(path, version=self.version)
[docs] def get_shift_schedule_image(self) -> BytesIO | None: """ Gets or creates an image of the latest public pdf. We store the image using the last modified timestamp - this way, we have a version of past images. Note that we don't delete any old images of shift schedules. """ query = GeneralFileCollection(self.session()).query().filter( GeneralFile.published.is_(True), cast(GeneralFile.reference, JSON)['content_type'] == 'application/pdf' ) query = query.order_by(GeneralFile.created.desc()) file = query.first() if not file: return None upload_time = file.created.timestamp() filename = f'shift-schedule-{upload_time}.png' fs = self.filestorage assert fs is not None if not fs.exists(filename): with TemporaryDirectory() as directory: path = Path(directory) with (path / 'input.pdf').open('wb') as pdf: pdf.write( process = 'gs', # disable read/writes outside of the given files '-dSAFER', '-dPARANOIDSAFER', # do not block for any reason '-dBATCH', '-dNOPAUSE', '-dNOPROMPT', # limit output messages '-dQUIET', '-sstdout=/dev/null', # format the page for thumbnails '-dPDFFitPage', # render in high resolution before downscaling to 300 dpi f'-r{300}', f'-dDownScaleFactor={1}', # only use the first page '-dLastPage=1', # output to png '-sDEVICE=png16m', f'-sOutputFile={path / "preview.png"}', # from pdf str(path / 'input.pdf') )) process.check_returncode() with (path / 'preview.png').open('rb') as input: with, 'wb') as output: # NOTE: Bug in type hints of FS output.write( # type:ignore with, 'rb') as input: # NOTE: Bug in type hints of FS return BytesIO( # type:ignore
[docs] def enable_iframes_tween_factory( app: WinterthurApp, handler: 'Callable[[WinterthurRequest], Response]' ) -> 'Callable[[WinterthurRequest], Response]': iframe_paths = ( r'/streets.*', r'/director(y|ies|y-submission/.*)', r'/ticket/.*', r'/mission-report.*', r'/roadwork.*', r'/daycare-subsidy-calculator', r'/events.*', r'/event.*', ) iframe_path_re = re.compile(rf"({'|'.join(iframe_paths)})") def enable_iframes_tween(request: 'WinterthurRequest') -> 'Response': """ Enables iframes on matching paths. """ result = handler(request) if iframe_path_re.match(request.path_info or ''): return result return enable_iframes_tween
[docs] def get_template_directory() -> str: return 'templates'
[docs] def get_static_directory() -> str: return 'static'
@WinterthurApp.setting(section='core', name='theme')
[docs] def get_theme() -> WinterthurTheme: return WinterthurTheme()
@WinterthurApp.setting(section='org', name='create_new_organisation')
[docs] def get_create_new_organisation_factory( ) -> 'Callable[[WinterthurApp, str], Organisation]': return create_new_organisation
@WinterthurApp.setting(section='org', name='default_directory_search_widget')
[docs] def get_default_directory_search_widget() -> str: return 'inline'
@WinterthurApp.setting(section='org', name='default_event_search_widget')
[docs] def get_default_event_search_widget() -> str: return 'inline'
@WinterthurApp.setting(section='i18n', name='localedirs')
[docs] def get_i18n_localedirs() -> list[str]: mine = utils.module_path('onegov.winterthur', 'locale') return [mine] + get_org_i18n_localedirs()
[docs] def get_js_path() -> str: return 'assets/js'
[docs] def get_webasset_output() -> str: return 'assets/bundles'
[docs] def get_search_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield 'wade.js' yield 'string-score.js' yield 'street-search.js'
[docs] def get_iframe_resizer() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield 'iframe-resizer-options.js' yield 'iframe-resizer-contentwindow.js'
[docs] def get_iframe_enhancements() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield 'iframe-enhancements.js'
[docs] def get_common_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield from default_common_asset() yield 'winterthur.js'