Source code for server.utils

import inspect
import importlib

from typing import overload, Any, TypeVar

[docs] _T = TypeVar('_T')
[docs] def load_class(cls: type[_T]) -> type[_T]: ...
@overload def load_class(cls: str) -> type[Any] | None: ... def load_class(cls: type[Any] | str) -> type[Any] | None: """ Loads the given class from string (unless alrady a class). """ if inspect.isclass(cls): return cls module_name, _, class_name = cls.rpartition('.') module = importlib.import_module(module_name) # FIXME: Why are we supplying a default return, when import_module # already could fail? It seems better to always raise an # exception when the class doesn't exist... It might also be # worth to use __import__ so we get the same error we would # get if we tried to do `from module_name import class_name` return getattr(module, class_name, None)