Source code for pdf.templates

from pdfdocument.document import ReportingDocTemplate

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from reportlab.platypus.flowables import Flowable

[docs] class Template(ReportingDocTemplate): """ Extends the ReportingDocTemplate with Table of Contents printing. """
[docs] def afterFlowable(self, flowable: 'Flowable') -> None: ReportingDocTemplate.afterFlowable(self, flowable) # FIXME: This isn't very clean we should just create a subclass # of Paragraph called TOCHeading or something like that # which we use for these markers if hasattr(flowable, 'toc_level'): assert hasattr(flowable, 'getPlainText') assert hasattr(flowable, 'bookmark') self.notify('TOCEntry', ( flowable.toc_level, flowable.getPlainText(),, flowable.bookmark ))