Source code for org.forms.generic

from dicttoxml import dicttoxml  # type:ignore[import-untyped]
from morepath.request import Response
from onegov.core.csv import convert_list_of_dicts_to_csv
from onegov.core.csv import convert_list_of_dicts_to_xlsx
from onegov.core.utils import normalize_for_url
from onegov.form import Form
from onegov.form.filters import as_float
from import _
from wtforms.fields import BooleanField
from wtforms.fields import DateField
from wtforms.fields import DecimalField
from wtforms.fields import RadioField
from wtforms.fields import StringField
from wtforms.validators import InputRequired
from wtforms.validators import Optional
from wtforms.validators import ValidationError

from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Sequence
    from onegov.core.orm.abstract import AdjacencyList
    from import OrgRequest

[docs] class DateRangeForm(Form): """ A form providing a start/end date range. """
[docs] start = DateField( label=_("Start"), validators=[InputRequired()] )
[docs] end = DateField( label=_("End"), validators=[InputRequired()] )
[docs] def validate(self) -> bool: # type:ignore[override] result = super().validate() if and if > message = _("The end date must be later than the start date") assert isinstance(self.end.errors, list) self.end.errors.append(message) result = False return result
[docs] class ExportForm(Form): """ A form providing a choice of export formats. """
[docs] file_format = RadioField( label=_("Format"), choices=[ ('csv', _("CSV File")), ('xlsx', _("Excel File")), ('json', _("JSON File")), ('xml', _("XML File")), ], default='csv', validators=[ InputRequired() ] )
[docs] def format(self) -> str: return
[docs] def as_export_response( self, results: 'Sequence[dict[str, Any]]', title: str = 'export', **kwargs: Any ) -> Response: """ Turns the given results (list of dicts) into a webob response with the currently selected file format. The additional keyword arguments are directly passed into the convert_list_of_dicts_to_* functions. For json and xml, these additional arguments are ignored. """ if self.format == 'json': return Response( json_body=results, content_type='application/json' ) if self.format == 'csv': return Response( convert_list_of_dicts_to_csv(results, **kwargs), content_type='text/plain' ) if self.format == 'xlsx': return Response( convert_list_of_dicts_to_xlsx(results, **kwargs), content_type=( 'application/vnd.openxmlformats' '-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet' ), content_disposition='inline; filename={}.xlsx'.format( normalize_for_url(title) ) ) if self.format == 'xml': return Response( dicttoxml(results), content_type='text/xml', content_disposition='inline; filename={}.xml'.format( normalize_for_url(title) ), ) raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] class PaymentForm(Form): if TYPE_CHECKING: request: OrgRequest
[docs] minimum_price_total = DecimalField( label=_("Minimum price total"), fieldset=_("Payments"), filters=(as_float, ), validators=[Optional()])
[docs] payment_method = RadioField( label=_("Payment Method"), fieldset=_("Payments"), default='manual', validators=[InputRequired()], choices=[ ('manual', _("No credit card payments")), ('free', _("Credit card payments optional")), ('cc', _("Credit card payments required")) ])
[docs] def validate_minimum_price_total(self, field: DecimalField) -> None: if not float( or 0) >= 0: raise ValidationError(_( "The price must be larger than zero" ))
[docs] def validate_payment_method(self, field: RadioField) -> None: if == 'manual': return if not raise ValidationError(_( "You need to setup a default payment provider to enable " "credit card payments" ))
[docs] class ChangeAdjacencyListUrlForm(Form):
[docs] name = StringField( label=_('URL path'), validators=[InputRequired()] )
[docs] test = BooleanField( label=_('Test run'), default=True )
[docs] def get_model(self) -> 'AdjacencyList': return self.model
[docs] def validate_name(self, field: StringField) -> None: if not return model = self.get_model() if == raise ValidationError( _('Please fill out a new name') ) normalized_name = normalize_for_url( if not == normalized_name: raise ValidationError( _('Invalid name. A valid suggestion is: ${name}', mapping={'name': normalized_name}) ) if not model.parent_id: cls = model.__class__ session = self.request.session query = session.query(cls).filter( cls.parent_id.is_(None), == normalized_name ) if session.query(query.exists()).scalar(): raise ValidationError( _("An entry with the same name exists") ) return assert model.parent is not None for child in model.parent.children: if child == self.model: continue if == raise ValidationError( _("An entry with the same name exists") )