Source code for fsi.models.course

from onegov.core.html import html_to_text
from onegov.core.orm import Base
from onegov.core.orm.types import MarkupText, UUID
from import ORMSearchable
from sedate import utcnow
from sqlalchemy import Column, Text, Boolean, Integer
from sqlalchemy.ext.hybrid import hybrid_property
from sqlalchemy.orm import relationship
from uuid import uuid4

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    import uuid
    from markupsafe import Markup
    from onegov.core.types import AppenderQuery
    from sqlalchemy.orm import Query
    from .course_event import CourseEvent

[docs] class Course(Base, ORMSearchable):
[docs] __tablename__ = 'fsi_courses'
[docs] es_properties = { 'name': {'type': 'localized'}, 'description': {'type': 'localized'}, }
[docs] es_public = True
[docs] id: 'Column[uuid.UUID]' = Column( UUID, # type:ignore[arg-type] primary_key=True, default=uuid4 )
[docs] name: 'Column[str]' = Column(Text, nullable=False, unique=True)
[docs] description: 'Column[Markup]' = Column(MarkupText, nullable=False)
# saved as integer (years), accessed as years
[docs] refresh_interval: 'Column[int | None]' = Column(Integer)
# If the course has to be refreshed after some interval
[docs] mandatory_refresh: 'Column[bool]' = Column( Boolean, nullable=False, default=False )
# hides the course in the collection for non-admins
[docs] hidden_from_public: 'Column[bool]' = Column( Boolean, nullable=False, default=False )
[docs] evaluation_url: 'Column[str | None]' = Column(Text)
[docs] events: 'relationship[AppenderQuery[CourseEvent]]' = relationship( 'CourseEvent', back_populates='course', lazy='dynamic' )
[docs] def title(self) -> str: return
[docs] def lead(self) -> str: text = html_to_text(self.description) if len(text) > 160: return text[:160] + '…' else: return text
[docs] def description_html(self) -> 'Markup': """ Returns the description that is saved as HTML from the redactor js plugin. """ return self.description
[docs] def future_events(self) -> 'Query[CourseEvent]': from onegov.fsi.models import CourseEvent return > utcnow()).order_by( CourseEvent.start)