Source code for feriennet.views.payment_overrides

from onegov.activity import InvoiceCollection, InvoiceItem
from import Private
from onegov.feriennet import FeriennetApp
from import Payment, PaymentProviderCollection
from import sync_payments
from import refund

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.feriennet.request import FeriennetRequest
    from webob import Response

[docs] def sync_payments_and_reconcile( self: PaymentProviderCollection, request: 'FeriennetRequest' ) -> 'Response': result = sync_payments(self, request) # we keep two payment paid states, one in the invoice items table and one # in the payment (for online payments only). # # when syncing the payment states through the provider, we reconcile # those two states # # the reason we don't keep this all in the payment table is mainly a # performance one - we don't want to load the payments when rendering # the potentially large list of invoice items InvoiceCollection(self.session).sync() return result
@FeriennetApp.view( model=Payment, name='refund', request_method='POST', permission=Private)
[docs] def refund_and_reconcile(self: Payment, request: 'FeriennetRequest') -> None: result = refund(self, request) for link in self.links: if isinstance(link, InvoiceItem): link.paid = self.state == 'paid' return result