Source code for feriennet.qrbill

from base64 import b64encode
from io import StringIO
from onegov.feriennet import log
from onegov.feriennet.utils import NAME_SEPARATOR
from qrbill.bill import QRBill, IBAN_ALLOWED_COUNTRIES, QR_IID
from stdnum import iban  # type:ignore[import-untyped]

from typing import Literal, TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.activity.models import Invoice
    from onegov.feriennet.request import FeriennetRequest
    from onegov.user import User

[docs] def beneficiary_to_creditor(value: str | None) -> dict[str, str] | None: value = value or '' lines = [line.strip() for line in value.split(',') if line.strip()] if len(lines) == 3: return { 'name': lines[0], 'line1': lines[1], 'line2': lines[2], } return None
[docs] def swiss_iban(value: str) -> bool: value = iban.validate(value) if value[:2] in IBAN_ALLOWED_COUNTRIES: return True return False
[docs] def qr_iban(value: str) -> bool: value = iban.validate(value) if QR_IID['start'] <= int(value[4:9]) <= QR_IID['end']: return True return False
[docs] SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES: dict[str | None, Literal['en', 'de', 'fr', 'it']] = { 'de_CH': 'de', 'fr_CH': 'fr', 'it_CH': 'it' }
[docs] def generate_qr_bill( schema: str, request: 'FeriennetRequest', user: 'User', invoice: 'Invoice' ) -> bytes | None: """ Generates a QR Bill and returns it as base64 encoded SVG. """ # Check if enabled if not'bank_qr_bill', None): return None # IBAN (mandatory) account ='bank_account', None) if not account or not iban.is_valid(account): return None if not swiss_iban(account): return None # Reference number invoice_bucket = reference_number = None additional_information = '' if schema == 'feriennet-v1': additional_information = ( invoice.readable_by_bucket(invoice_bucket) or '') else: if not qr_iban(account): return None reference_number = invoice.readable_by_bucket(invoice_bucket) # Creditor (mandatory) beneficiary ='bank_beneficiary', None) if not beneficiary: return None creditor = beneficiary_to_creditor(beneficiary) if not creditor: return None # Debtor realname = (user.realname or '').replace(NAME_SEPARATOR, ' ') debtor: dict[str, str | None] = { 'name':'organisation') or realname, 'street':'address', None), 'pcode':'zip_code', None), 'city':'place', None), } if not debtor['name'] or not debtor['pcode'] or not debtor['city']: log.error('Not enough debtor information for qr bill: {user.realname}') return None if debtor['street'] and len(debtor['street']) > 70: debtor['street'] = debtor['street'][:70] if debtor['pcode'] and len(debtor['pcode']) > 16: debtor['pcode'] = debtor['pcode'][:16] # Language language = SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES.get(request.locale, 'en') # Create bill try: bill = QRBill( account=account, creditor=creditor, debtor=debtor, amount='{:.2f}'.format(invoice.outstanding_amount), reference_number=reference_number, additional_information=additional_information, language=language, ) except Exception as e: log.exception(e) return None # Save as SVG svg = StringIO() bill.as_svg(svg) # Encode return b64encode(svg.getvalue().encode('utf-8'))