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from functools import cached_property
from markupsafe import Markup
from onegov.activity import Period, PeriodCollection, InvoiceCollection
from onegov.activity.models.invoice_reference import Schema
from onegov.core import utils
from onegov.core.orm import orm_cached
from onegov.feriennet.const import DEFAULT_DONATION_AMOUNTS
from onegov.feriennet.initial_content import create_new_organisation
from onegov.feriennet.request import FeriennetRequest
from onegov.feriennet.sponsors import load_sponsors
from onegov.feriennet.theme import FeriennetTheme
from import OrgApp
from import get_common_asset as default_common_asset
from import get_i18n_localedirs as default_i18n_localedirs
from import (
    get_public_ticket_messages as default_public_ticket_messages)
from onegov.user import User, UserCollection

from typing import Any, TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Callable, Iterator, Sequence
    from onegov.feriennet.sponsors import Sponsor
    from import Organisation
    from sqlalchemy.orm import Query
    from uuid import UUID

# FIXME: Get rid of inline JavaScript

[docs] class FeriennetApp(OrgApp):
[docs] request_class = FeriennetRequest
[docs] def active_period(self) -> Period | None: return PeriodCollection(self.session()).active()
[docs] def periods(self) -> 'Query[Period]': p = PeriodCollection(self.session()).query() p = p.order_by(Period.execution_start) return p
[docs] def periods_by_id(self) -> dict[str, Period]: return { p for p in PeriodCollection(self.session()).query() }
[docs] def user_titles_by_name(self) -> dict[str, str]: return dict(UserCollection(self.session()).query().with_entities( User.username, User.title))
[docs] def user_ids_by_name(self) -> dict[str | None, 'UUID']: return dict(UserCollection(self.session()).query().with_entities( User.username,
[docs] def sponsors(self) -> list['Sponsor']: return load_sponsors(utils.module_path('onegov.feriennet', 'sponsors'))
[docs] def mail_sponsor(self, request: FeriennetRequest) -> list['Sponsor']: sponsors = [ sponsor.compiled(request) for sponsor in self.sponsors if getattr(sponsor, 'mail_url', None) ] if sponsors: sponsors[0].banners['src'] = sponsors[0].url_for( request, sponsors[0].banners['src']) return sponsors
[docs] def default_period(self) -> Period | None: if self.active_period: return self.active_period return self.periods[0] if self.periods else None
[docs] def public_organiser_data(self) -> 'Sequence[str]': return'public_organiser_data', ('name', 'website'))
[docs] def get_sponsors( self, request: FeriennetRequest ) -> list['Sponsor'] | None: assert request.locale is not None language = request.locale[:2] sponsors = [ sponsor for sponsor in self.sponsors if ( (banners := getattr(sponsor, 'banners', None)) and banners.get('src', {}).get(language, None) ) ] if not sponsors: return None else: return sponsors
[docs] def banners(self, request: FeriennetRequest) -> list[Markup]: sponsors = self.get_sponsors(request) banners = [] for sponsor in sponsors or (): sponsor = sponsor.compiled(request) info = sponsor.banners.get('info', None) banners.append( BANNER_TEMPLATE.format( id=id, src=sponsor.url_for(request, sponsor.banners['src']), url=sponsor.banners['url'], tracker=sponsor.banners.get('tracker', ''), info=info if info else "" ) ) return banners
[docs] def configure_organisation( self, *, enable_user_registration: bool = True, enable_yubikey: bool = False, disable_password_reset: bool = False, **cfg: Any ) -> None: super().configure_organisation( enable_user_registration=enable_user_registration, enable_yubikey=enable_yubikey, disable_password_reset=disable_password_reset, **cfg )
[docs] def invoice_schema_config(self) -> tuple[str, dict[str, Any] | None]: """ Returns the currently active schema_name and it's config. """ schema_name: str = 'bank_reference_schema', 'feriennet-v1') if schema_name == 'raiffeisen-v1': schema_config = { 'esr_identification_number': 'bank_esr_identification_number' ) } else: schema_config = None return schema_name, schema_config
[docs] def invoice_collection( self, period_id: 'UUID | None' = None, user_id: 'UUID | None' = None ) -> InvoiceCollection: """ Returns the invoice collection guaranteed to be configured according to the organisation's settings. """ schema_name, schema_config = self.invoice_schema_config() return InvoiceCollection( self.session(), period_id=period_id, user_id=user_id, schema=schema_name, schema_config=schema_config )
[docs] def invoice_bucket(self) -> str: """ Returns the active invoice reference bucket. """ return Schema.render_bucket(*self.invoice_schema_config())
# FIXME: Are we still using these properties? Because they were broken @property
[docs] def show_donate(self) -> bool: return'donate', True)
# FIXME: Are we still using these properties? Because they were broken @property
[docs] def donation_amounts(self) -> 'Sequence[int]': return'donation_amounts', DEFAULT_DONATION_AMOUNTS)
[docs] def show_volunteers(self, request: FeriennetRequest) -> bool: if not self.active_period: return False setting ='volunteers', 'disabled') if setting == 'enabled': return True if setting == 'admins' and request.is_admin: return True return False
[docs] def get_template_directory() -> str: return 'templates'
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='create_new_organisation')
[docs] def get_create_new_organisation_factory( ) -> 'Callable[[FeriennetApp, str], Organisation]': return create_new_organisation
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='status_mail_roles')
[docs] def get_status_mail_roles() -> 'Sequence[str]': return ('admin', )
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='ticket_manager_roles')
[docs] def get_ticket_manager_roles() -> 'Sequence[str]': return ('admin', )
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='public_ticket_messages')
[docs] def get_public_ticket_messages() -> 'Sequence[str]': return (*default_public_ticket_messages(), 'activity')
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='require_complete_userprofile')
[docs] def get_require_complete_userprofile() -> bool: return True
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='org', name='is_complete_userprofile')
[docs] def get_is_complete_userprofile_handler( ) -> 'Callable[[FeriennetRequest, str], bool]': from onegov.feriennet.forms import UserProfileForm def is_complete_userprofile( request: FeriennetRequest, username: str, user: User | None = None ) -> bool: user = user or UserCollection( request.session).by_username(username) form = UserProfileForm() form.request = request form.model = user form.on_request() form.process(obj=user) for field_id, field in form._fields.items(): field.raw_data = return form.validate() return is_complete_userprofile
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='i18n', name='localedirs')
[docs] def get_i18n_localedirs() -> list[str]: return [ utils.module_path('onegov.feriennet', 'locale'), *default_i18n_localedirs() ]
@FeriennetApp.setting(section='core', name='theme')
[docs] def get_theme() -> FeriennetTheme: return FeriennetTheme()
[docs] def get_static_directory() -> str: return 'static'
[docs] def get_js_path() -> str: return 'assets/js'
[docs] def get_volunteer_cart() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield 'volunteer-cart.jsx'
[docs] def get_common_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': yield from default_common_asset() yield 'reloadfrom.js' yield 'printthis.js' yield 'print.js' yield 'click-to-load.js' yield 'tracking.js'