Source code for event.upgrade

""" Contains upgrade tasks that are executed when the application is being
upgraded on the server. See :class:`onegov.core.upgrade.upgrade_task`.

from onegov.core.orm.types import JSON
from onegov.core.upgrade import upgrade_task, UpgradeContext
from onegov.event import EventCollection
from sqlalchemy import Column

@upgrade_task('Add coordinates column')
[docs] def add_coordinates_column(context: UpgradeContext) -> None: for table in ('events', 'event_occurrences'): context.operations.add_column( table, Column('coordinates', JSON(), nullable=True))
@upgrade_task('Drop coordinates column from occurrences')
[docs] def drop_coordinates_column(context: UpgradeContext) -> None: context.operations.drop_column('event_occurrences', 'coordinates')
@upgrade_task('Migrate coordinates column in events')
[docs] def migrate_coordinates_column(context: UpgradeContext) -> None: # merge the separate coordinates column into the content column # (gotta love postgres' json support!) context.session.execute(""" UPDATE events SET "content" = ( "content" || ( '{"coordinates": ' || "coordinates"::text || '}' )::jsonb ) WHERE coordinates IS NOT NULL """) context.operations.drop_column('events', 'coordinates')
@upgrade_task('Validate existing rrules')
[docs] def validate_existing_rrules(context: UpgradeContext) -> None: for event in EventCollection(context.session).query(): event.validate_recurrence('recurrence', event.recurrence)
@upgrade_task('Add meta data and content columns to occurrences')
[docs] def add_meta_data_and_content_columns_to_occurrences( context: UpgradeContext ) -> None: table = 'event_occurrences' if not context.has_column(table, 'meta'): context.operations.add_column(table, Column('meta', JSON())) if not context.has_column(table, 'content'): context.operations.add_column(table, Column('content', JSON()))