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from collections import defaultdict
from morepath import redirect
from onegov.core.utils import normalize_for_url
from onegov.election_day import ElectionDayApp
from onegov.election_day.layouts import VoteLayout
from onegov.election_day.models import Vote
from import MaybePublic
from onegov.election_day.utils import add_cors_header
from onegov.election_day.utils import add_last_modified_header
from onegov.election_day.utils import get_vote_summary

from typing import cast
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.core.types import JSON_ro
    from onegov.core.types import JSONObject
    from onegov.core.types import RenderData
    from onegov.election_day.request import ElectionDayRequest
    from onegov.election_day.types import TitleJson
    from onegov.election_day.types import VoteJson
    from webob.response import Response

[docs] def view_vote_head( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> None: @request.after def add_headers(response: 'Response') -> None: add_cors_header(response) add_last_modified_header(response, self.last_modified)
@ElectionDayApp.html( model=Vote, permission=MaybePublic )
[docs] def view_vote( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'Response': """" The main view. """ return redirect(VoteLayout(self, request).main_view)
@ElectionDayApp.json( model=Vote, name='json', permission=MaybePublic )
[docs] def view_vote_json( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'VoteJson': """" The main view as JSON. """ last_modified = self.last_modified assert last_modified is not None @request.after def add_headers(response: 'Response') -> None: add_cors_header(response) add_last_modified_header(response, last_modified) embed = defaultdict(list) media: JSONObject = {} layout = VoteLayout(self, request) layout.last_modified = last_modified if layout.pdf_path: media['pdf'] =, 'pdf') if layout.show_map: media['maps'] = maps = {} for tab in ( 'entities', 'proposal-entities', 'counter-proposal-entities', 'tie-breaker-entities', 'districts', 'proposal-districts', 'counter-proposal-districts', 'tie-breaker-districts' ): layout = VoteLayout(self, request, tab) layout.last_modified = last_modified if layout.visible: embed[tab].append(layout.map_link) if layout.svg_path: maps[tab] = layout.svg_link embed['entities'].append(, name='vote-header-widget')) for tab in layout.tabs_with_embedded_tables: layout = VoteLayout(self, request, tab) if layout.visible: embed[tab].append(layout.table_link()) counted = self.progress[0] nays_percentage = self.nays_percentage if counted else None yeas_percentage = self.yeas_percentage if counted else None return { 'completed': self.completed, 'date':, 'domain': self.domain, 'last_modified': last_modified.isoformat(), 'progress': { 'counted': counted, 'total': self.progress[1] }, 'related_link': self.related_link, 'title': cast('TitleJson', self.title_translations), 'short_title': cast('TitleJson', self.short_title_translations), 'type': 'vote', 'results': { 'answer': self.answer, 'nays_percentage': nays_percentage, 'yeas_percentage': yeas_percentage, }, 'ballots': [ { 'type': ballot.type, 'title': cast('TitleJson', ballot.title_translations), 'progress': { 'counted': ballot.progress[0], 'total': ballot.progress[1], }, 'results': { 'total': { 'accepted': ballot.accepted, 'yeas': ballot.yeas, 'nays': ballot.nays, 'empty': ballot.empty, 'invalid': ballot.invalid, 'yeas_percentage': ballot.yeas_percentage, 'nays_percentage': ballot.nays_percentage, 'eligible_voters': ballot.eligible_voters, 'cast_ballots': ballot.cast_ballots, 'turnout': ballot.turnout, 'counted': ballot.counted, }, 'entities': [ { 'accepted': entity.accepted, 'yeas': entity.yeas, 'nays': entity.nays, 'empty': entity.empty, 'invalid': entity.invalid, 'yeas_percentage': entity.yeas_percentage, 'nays_percentage': entity.nays_percentage, 'eligible_voters': entity.eligible_voters, 'cast_ballots': entity.cast_ballots, 'turnout': entity.turnout, 'counted': entity.counted, 'name': ( if entity.entity_id else 'Expats' ), 'district': ( entity.district or '' if entity.entity_id else '' ), 'id': entity.entity_id, } for entity in ballot.results ], }, } for ballot in self.ballots ], 'url':, 'embed': cast('JSONObject', embed), 'media': media, 'data': { 'json':, 'data-json'), 'csv':, 'data-csv'), } }
@ElectionDayApp.json( model=Vote, name='summary', permission=MaybePublic )
[docs] def view_vote_summary( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'JSON_ro': """ View the summary of the vote as JSON. """ @request.after def add_headers(response: 'Response') -> None: add_cors_header(response) add_last_modified_header(response, self.last_modified) return get_vote_summary(self, request)
@ElectionDayApp.pdf_file( model=Vote, name='pdf', permission=MaybePublic )
[docs] def view_vote_pdf( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'RenderData': """ View the generated PDF. """ layout = VoteLayout(self, request) return { 'path': layout.pdf_path, 'name': normalize_for_url(self.title or '') }
@ElectionDayApp.html( model=Vote, name='vote-header-widget', permission=MaybePublic, template='' )
[docs] def view_vote_header_as_widget( self: Vote, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'RenderData': """ A static link to the top bar showing the vote result as widget. """ @request.after def add_last_modified(response: 'Response') -> None: add_last_modified_header(response, self.last_modified) return { 'vote': self, 'layout': VoteLayout(self, request), 'type': 'vote-header', 'scope': 'vote', }