Source code for election_day.views.manage.screens

""" The manage screen views. """

from morepath import redirect
from import Private
from onegov.election_day import _
from onegov.election_day import ElectionDayApp
from onegov.election_day.collections import ScreenCollection
from onegov.election_day.forms import ScreenForm
from onegov.election_day.layouts import ManageScreensLayout
from onegov.election_day.models import Screen

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from onegov.core.types import RenderData
    from onegov.election_day.forms import EmptyForm
    from onegov.election_day.request import ElectionDayRequest
    from webob.response import Response

[docs] def view_screens( self: ScreenCollection, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'RenderData': """ View all screens as a list. """ return { 'layout': ManageScreensLayout(self, request), 'title': _('Screens'), 'screens': self.batch, 'new_screen':, 'new-screen'), 'export':, 'export'), }
@ElectionDayApp.csv_file( model=ScreenCollection, name='export', permission=Private )
[docs] def export_screens( self: ScreenCollection, request: 'ElectionDayRequest' ) -> 'RenderData': """ Export all screens as a CSV file. """ return { 'data': self.export(), 'name': 'screens' }
@ElectionDayApp.manage_form( model=ScreenCollection, name='new-screen', form=ScreenForm )
[docs] def create_screen( self: ScreenCollection, request: 'ElectionDayRequest', form: ScreenForm ) -> 'RenderData | Response': """ Create a new screen. """ layout = ManageScreensLayout(self, request) if form.submitted(request): screen = Screen() form.update_model(screen) self.add(screen) layout = ManageScreensLayout(screen, request) request.message(_('Screen added.'), 'success') return redirect(layout.manage_model_link) return { 'layout': layout, 'form': form, 'title': _('New screen'), 'cancel': layout.manage_model_link }
@ElectionDayApp.manage_form( model=Screen, name='edit', form=ScreenForm )
[docs] def edit_screen_item( self: Screen, request: 'ElectionDayRequest', form: ScreenForm ) -> 'RenderData | Response': """ Edit a screen. """ layout = ManageScreensLayout(self, request) if form.submitted(request): form.update_model(self) request.message(_('Screen modified.'), 'success') return redirect(layout.manage_model_link) if not form.errors: form.apply_model(self) return { 'layout': layout, 'form': form, 'title': _( "Screen ${number}", mapping={'number': self.number} ), 'subtitle': _('Edit screen'), 'cancel': layout.manage_model_link }
@ElectionDayApp.manage_form( model=Screen, name='delete' )
[docs] def delete_screen( self: Screen, request: 'ElectionDayRequest', form: 'EmptyForm' ) -> 'RenderData | Response': """ Delete a screen. """ layout = ManageScreensLayout(self, request) if form.submitted(request): screens = ScreenCollection(request.session) screens.delete(self) request.message(_('Screen deleted.'), 'success') return redirect(layout.manage_model_link) return { 'message': _( 'Do you really want to delete "${item}"?', mapping={ 'item': self.number } ), 'layout': layout, 'form': form, 'title': _( "Screen ${number}", mapping={'number': self.number} ), 'subtitle': _('Delete screen'), 'button_text': _('Delete screen'), 'button_class': 'alert', 'cancel': layout.manage_model_link }