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import re

from dectate import directive
from more.content_security import NONE
from more.content_security import SELF
from more.content_security import UNSAFE_EVAL
from more.content_security import UNSAFE_INLINE
from more.content_security.core import content_security_policy_tween_factory
from onegov.core import Framework
from onegov.core import utils
from onegov.core.filestorage import FilestorageFile
from onegov.core.framework import current_language_tween_factory
from onegov.core.framework import default_content_security_policy
from onegov.core.framework import transaction_tween_factory
from onegov.election_day.directives import CsvFileAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import JsonFileAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import ManageFormAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import ManageHtmlAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import PdfFileViewAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import ScreenWidgetAction
from onegov.election_day.directives import SvgFileViewAction
from onegov.election_day.models import Principal
from onegov.election_day.request import ElectionDayRequest
from onegov.election_day.theme import ElectionDayTheme
from onegov.file import DepotApp
from onegov.form import FormApp
from onegov.user import UserApp

from typing import Any
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Callable
    from import Iterator
    from more.content_security import ContentSecurityPolicy
    from onegov.core.cache import RedisCacheRegion
    from onegov.election_day.models import Canton
    from onegov.election_day.models import Municipality
    from webob import Response

[docs] class ElectionDayApp(Framework, FormApp, UserApp, DepotApp): """ The election day application. Include this in your onegov.yml to serve it with onegov-server. """
[docs] serve_static_files = True
[docs] request_class = ElectionDayRequest
[docs] csv_file = directive(CsvFileAction)
[docs] json_file = directive(JsonFileAction)
[docs] manage_form = directive(ManageFormAction)
[docs] manage_html = directive(ManageHtmlAction)
[docs] pdf_file = directive(PdfFileViewAction)
[docs] svg_file = directive(SvgFileViewAction)
[docs] screen_widget = directive(ScreenWidgetAction)
[docs] def principal(self) -> 'Canton | Municipality': """ Returns the principal of the election day app. See :class:`onegov.election_day.models.principal.Principal`. """ return self.cache.get_or_create('principal', self.load_principal)
[docs] def load_principal(self) -> 'Canton | Municipality | None': """ The principal is defined in the ``principal.yml`` file stored on the applications filestorage root. If the file does not exist, the site root does not exist and therefore a 404 is returned. The structure of the yaml file is defined in class:`onegov.election_app.model.Principal`. """ fs = self.filestorage assert fs is not None if not fs.isfile('principal.yml'): return None return Principal.from_yaml('principal.yml', encoding='utf-8').read() )
@property @property
[docs] def theme_options(self) -> dict[str, Any]: color = self.principal.color assert color is not None, """ No color defined, be sure to define one in your principal.yml like this: color: '#123456' Note how you need to add apostrophes around the definition! """ return {'primary-color': color}
[docs] def pages_cache(self) -> 'RedisCacheRegion': """ A cache for pages. """ expiration_time = 300 if self.principal and hasattr(self.principal, 'cache_expiration_time'): expiration_time = self.principal.cache_expiration_time return self.get_cache('pages', expiration_time)
[docs] def get_static_directory() -> str: return 'static'
[docs] def get_template_directory() -> str: return 'templates'
@ElectionDayApp.setting(section='core', name='theme')
[docs] def get_theme() -> ElectionDayTheme: return ElectionDayTheme()
@ElectionDayApp.setting(section='i18n', name='localedirs')
[docs] def get_i18n_localedirs() -> list[str]: return [ utils.module_path('onegov.election_day', 'locale'), utils.module_path('onegov.form', 'locale'), utils.module_path('onegov.user', 'locale') ]
@ElectionDayApp.setting(section='i18n', name='locales')
[docs] def get_i18n_used_locales() -> set[str]: return {'de_CH', 'fr_CH', 'it_CH', 'rm_CH'}
@ElectionDayApp.setting(section='i18n', name='default_locale')
[docs] def get_i18n_default_locale() -> str: return 'de_CH'
@ElectionDayApp.setting(section='content_security_policy', name='default')
[docs] def org_content_security_policy() -> 'ContentSecurityPolicy': policy = default_content_security_policy() policy.script_src.remove(UNSAFE_EVAL) policy.script_src.remove(UNSAFE_INLINE) return policy
[docs] def enable_iframes_and_analytics_tween_factory( app: ElectionDayApp, handler: 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]' ) -> 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]': no_iframe_paths = ( r'/auth/.*', r'/manage/.*' ) no_iframe_paths_re = re.compile(rf"({'|'.join(no_iframe_paths)})") iframe_paths = ( r'/ballot/.*', r'/vote/.*', r'/election/.*', r'/elections/.*', r'/elections-part/.*', r'/screen/.*', ) iframe_paths_re = re.compile(rf"({'|'.join(iframe_paths)})") def enable_iframes_and_analytics_tween( request: ElectionDayRequest ) -> 'Response': """ Enables iframes and analytics. """ result = handler(request) if no_iframe_paths_re.match(request.path_info or '/'): request.content_security_policy.frame_ancestors = {NONE} elif iframe_paths_re.match(request.path_info or '/'): request.content_security_policy.frame_ancestors.add('http://*') request.content_security_policy.frame_ancestors.add('https://*') request.content_security_policy.connect_src.add(SELF) if app.principal: for domain in getattr(app.principal, 'csp_script_src', []): request.content_security_policy.script_src.add(domain) for domain in getattr(app.principal, 'csp_connect_src', []): request.content_security_policy.connect_src.add(domain) return result return enable_iframes_and_analytics_tween
[docs] def override_language_tween_factory( app: ElectionDayApp, handler: 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]' ) -> 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]': def override_language_tween(request: ElectionDayRequest) -> 'Response': """ Allows the current language to be overwritten using a query parameter. """ locale = request.params.get('locale') if locale in app.locales: request.locale = locale # type:ignore[assignment] return handler(request) return override_language_tween
@ElectionDayApp.tween_factory( under=override_language_tween_factory, over=transaction_tween_factory )
[docs] def cache_control_tween_factory( app: ElectionDayApp, handler: 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]' ) -> 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]': def cache_control_tween(request: ElectionDayRequest) -> 'Response': """ Set headers and cookies for cache control. Makes sure, pages are not cached downstream when logged in by setting the cache-control header accordingly. Sets `no_cache` cookie which can be used for bypassing a downstream cache. """ response = handler(request) if request.is_logged_in: response.headers.add('cache-control', 'no-store') if request.cookies.get('no_cache', '0') == '0': response.set_cookie('no_cache', '1', samesite='Lax') else: if request.cookies.get('no_cache', '0') == '1': response.delete_cookie('no_cache') return response return cache_control_tween
@ElectionDayApp.tween_factory( under=override_language_tween_factory, over=transaction_tween_factory )
[docs] def micro_cache_anonymous_pages_tween_factory( app: ElectionDayApp, handler: 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]' ) -> 'Callable[[ElectionDayRequest], Response]': cache_paths = ( '/ballot/.*', '/vote/.*', '/election/.*', '/elections/.*', '/elections-part/.*', '/screen/.*', '/catalog.rdf', '/sitemap', '/sitemap.xml', ) cache_paths_re = re.compile(r'^({})$'.format('|'.join(cache_paths))) def should_cache_fn(response: 'Response') -> bool: return ( response.status_code == 200 and 'Set-Cookie' not in response.headers ) def micro_cache_anonymous_pages_tween( request: ElectionDayRequest ) -> 'Response': """ Cache all pages for 5 minutes. """ # do not cache POST, DELETE etc. if request.method not in ('GET', 'HEAD'): return handler(request) # no cache if the user is logged in if request.is_logged_in: return handler(request) # only cache whitelisted paths if not cache_paths_re.match(request.path_info or '/'): return handler(request) if request.method == 'HEAD': # HEAD requests are cached with only the path key = ':'.join((request.method, request.path)) else: # each page is cached once per request method, host, path including # query string, language and headerless/headerful (and by # application id as the pages_cache is bound to it) key = ':'.join(( request.method,, request.path_qs, request.locale or '', 'hl' if 'headerless' in request.browser_session else 'hf' )) return app.pages_cache.get_or_create( key, creator=lambda: handler(request), should_cache_fn=should_cache_fn ) return micro_cache_anonymous_pages_tween
[docs] def get_shared_assets_path() -> str: return utils.module_path('onegov.shared', 'assets/js')
[docs] def get_js_path() -> str: return 'assets/js'
[docs] def get_css_path() -> str: return 'assets/css'
[docs] def get_webasset_output() -> str: return 'assets/bundles'
[docs] def get_common_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': # Common assets unlikely to change yield 'modernizr.js' # jQuery yield 'jquery.js' yield 'jquery.tablesorter.js' yield 'jquery.tablesorter.staticRow.js' # D3 yield 'd3.js' yield 'topojson.js' yield 'd3.tip.js' yield 'd3.sankey.js' # Tablesaw yield 'tablesaw.css' yield 'tablesaw.jquery.js' yield 'tablesaw-translations.js' yield 'tablesaw-init.js' # other frameworks yield 'foundation.js' yield 'underscore.js' yield 'iframeResizer.contentWindow.js'
[docs] def get_custom_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': # common code yield 'common.js' yield 'form_dependencies.js' # D3 charts and maps yield '' yield 'd3.chart.grouped.js' yield 'd3.chart.sankey.js' yield '' yield '' # Chart initalization yield 'charts-init.js' yield 'embed.js' # Embedded tables as widgets yield 'embedded_widgets.js' # Form yield 'error-focus.js'
[docs] def get_backend_common_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': # Common assets unlikely to change, only used in the backend yield 'jquery.datetimepicker.css' yield 'jquery.datetimepicker.js' yield 'datetimepicker.js' yield 'doubleclick.js'
[docs] def get_screen_asset() -> 'Iterator[str]': # Code used for screen update yield 'screen.js'