Source code for agency.pdf

from datetime import date
from io import BytesIO

from import handle_empty_p_tags
from onegov.core.utils import module_path
from onegov.pdf import page_fn_footer
from onegov.pdf import page_fn_header_and_footer
from onegov.pdf import page_fn_header_logo
from onegov.pdf import Pdf
from onegov.pdf.page_functions import empty_page_fn
from os import path
from reportlab.lib.units import cm

from typing import Any
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Callable
    from import Collection
    from import Iterable
    from import ExtendedAgency
    from onegov.pdf.templates import Template
    from reportlab.pdfgen.canvas import Canvas
    from reportlab.platypus.doctemplate import _PageCallback

[docs] class AgencyPdfDefault(Pdf): """ A standard PDF of an agency. """
[docs] previous_level_context: int | None = None
[docs] def page_fn(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return page_fn_footer
[docs] def page_fn_later(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return page_fn_header_and_footer
[docs] def from_agencies( cls, agencies: 'Iterable[ExtendedAgency]', title: str, toc: bool, exclude: 'Collection[str]', page_break_on_level: int = 1, link_color: str | None = None, underline_links: bool = False ) -> BytesIO: """ Create an index PDF from a collection of notices. """ result = BytesIO() pdf = cls( result, title=title, created=f"{}", link_color=link_color or '#00538c', underline_links=underline_links ) pdf.init_a4_portrait( page_fn=pdf.page_fn, page_fn_later=pdf.page_fn_later ) pdf.spacer() pdf.spacer() pdf.h(title) pdf.spacer() if toc: pdf.table_of_contents() pdf.pagebreak() for agency in agencies: if agency.access == 'private' or not agency.published: continue, exclude, content_so_far=False, skip_title=title == agency.title, page_break_on_level=page_break_on_level) pdf.generate() return result
[docs] def memberships( self, agency: 'ExtendedAgency', exclude: 'Collection[str]' ) -> None: """ Adds the memberships of an agency as table. """ data = [] for membership in agency.memberships: if ( membership.access == 'private' or membership.person.access == 'private' or not membership.published or not membership.person.published ): continue description = [] first_attribute: str | None = None if membership.person: for field in agency.export_fields or []: if field.startswith('membership.'): field = field.split('membership.')[1] if not first_attribute: first_attribute = getattr(membership, field) else: description.append(getattr(membership, field)) if field.startswith('person.'): field = field.split('person.')[1] if field in exclude: continue if not first_attribute: first_attribute = getattr(membership.person, field) else: description.append( getattr(membership.person, field) ) description_str = ', '.join(part for part in description if part) prefix = membership.meta.get('prefix', '') or '' data.append( [first_attribute or '', prefix, description_str] ) if data: self.table( data, [5.5 * cm, 0.5 * cm, None] )
[docs] def agency( self, agency: 'ExtendedAgency', exclude: 'Collection[str]', level: int = 1, content_so_far: bool = False, skip_title: bool = False, page_break_on_level: int = 1, portrait_last_content: bool = False ) -> bool: """ Adds a single agency with the portrait and memberships. """ if ( self.previous_level_context and level <= page_break_on_level and self.previous_level_context >= level ): self.pagebreak() else: if content_so_far and not portrait_last_content: self.spacer() if not content_so_far and self.previous_level_context: self.keeptogether_index = len(self.story) - 1 else: self.start_keeptogether() self.previous_level_context = level if not skip_title: self.h(agency.title, level) self.story[-1].keepWithNext = True has_content = False portrait_last_content = False if agency.portrait and handle_empty_p_tags(agency.portrait): self.mini_html(agency.portrait_html, linkify=True) has_content = True portrait_last_content = True if agency.memberships.count(): self.memberships(agency, exclude) has_content = True portrait_last_content = False if agency.organigram_file: self.spacer() self.image(BytesIO( self.spacer() has_content = True portrait_last_content = False if has_content and hasattr(self, 'keeptogether_index'): self.end_keeptogether() for child in agency.children: if child.access == 'private' or not child.published: continue child_has_content = child, exclude, level + 1, has_content, page_break_on_level=page_break_on_level, portrait_last_content=portrait_last_content ) has_content = has_content or child_has_content return has_content
[docs] class AgencyPdfZg(AgencyPdfDefault): """ A PDF with the CI of the canton of ZG. """ @staticmethod @property
[docs] def page_fn(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return page_fn_header_logo
[docs] def page_fn_later(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return self.page_fn_footer
def __init__(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None: filename = path.join( module_path('', 'static/logos'), 'canton-zg-bw.svg' ) with open(filename) as file: logo = kwargs['logo'] = logo kwargs['author'] = "Kanton Zug" super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] class AgencyPdfAr(AgencyPdfDefault): """ A PDF with the CI of the canton of AR. """ @staticmethod @staticmethod @staticmethod @property
[docs] def page_fn(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return self.page_fn_header_logo_and_footer
[docs] def page_fn_later(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return self.page_fn_header_and_footer
def __init__(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None: filename = path.join( module_path('', 'static/logos'), 'canton-ar.png' ) kwargs['logo'] = filename kwargs['author'] = "Kanton Appenzell Ausserrhoden" super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] class AgencyPdfBs(AgencyPdfDefault): """ Consult the styleguide from 2021. Page Settings are on page 25: Logo position to page margins, left most visual part of the logo: - indent 10mm left - 10mm beneath top - Format A4: The Baslerstab must be 10mm high, total is 17.5mm with the | p. 24 - Font Arial - Footer: Arial pt, start approx 12mm beneath bottom margin - Regular text Arial 11p """
[docs] margin_top = 2.2 * cm
[docs] margin_bottom = 2.4 * cm
[docs] margin_left = 2.2 * cm
[docs] margin_right = 2 * cm
[docs] font_name = "Helvetica" # Arial not supported by now
[docs] font_size = 11
[docs] def page_fn_header(canvas: 'Canvas', doc: 'Template') -> None: """ A header with the logo, a footer with the print date and page numbers. """ assert hasattr(doc, 'logo') height = 1.85 * cm width = height * 2.77 canvas.saveState() # 0/0 is bottom left canvas.drawImage( doc.logo, x=1 * cm, y=doc.pagesize[1] - (1 + 1.85) * cm, height=height, width=width, mask='auto') canvas.restoreState() AgencyPdfBs.page_fn_footer(canvas, doc)
@staticmethod @property
[docs] def page_fn(self) -> 'Callable[[Canvas, Template], None]': return self.page_fn_header
def __init__(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None: filename = path.join( module_path('', 'static/logos'), 'canton-bs.png' ) kwargs['logo'] = filename kwargs['author'] = "Kanton Basel-Stadt" # These are not set like the frame and the table is indented by the # difference of the default margin on init of self.doc and the set # margin here. The combination of setting the same margins on the # page templates (Frames) and on init made the table aligned with the # margins set on init_a4_portrait. kwargs['topMargin'] = self.margin_top kwargs['topBottom'] = self.margin_bottom kwargs['leftMargin'] = self.margin_left kwargs['rightMargin'] = self.margin_right super(AgencyPdfDefault, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def init_a4_portrait( self, page_fn: '_PageCallback' = empty_page_fn, page_fn_later: '_PageCallback | None ' = None, **_ignored: object ) -> None: super().init_a4_portrait( page_fn, page_fn_later, margin_top=self.margin_top, margin_bottom=self.margin_bottom, margin_left=self.margin_left, margin_right=self.margin_right, font_size=self.font_size )