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from import ExtendedAgencyMembership
from import get_html_paragraph_with_line_breaks
from onegov.core.crypto import random_token
from onegov.core.orm.abstract import associated
from onegov.core.orm.mixins import dict_property
from onegov.core.orm.mixins import meta_property
from onegov.core.utils import normalize_for_url
from onegov.file import File
from onegov.file.utils import as_fileintent
from import AccessExtension
from import PublicationExtension
from onegov.people import Agency
from onegov.user import RoleMapping
from sqlalchemy.orm import object_session
from sqlalchemy.orm import relationship

from typing import Any
from typing import IO
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
    from import Iterator
    from import StoredFile
    from markupsafe import Markup
    from import AgencyRequest
    from onegov.core.types import AppenderQuery
    from uuid import UUID

[docs] class AgencyPdf(File): """ A PDF containing all data of an agency and its suborganizations. """
[docs] __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': 'agency_pdf'}
[docs] class ExtendedAgency(Agency, AccessExtension, PublicationExtension): """ An extended version of the standard agency from onegov.people. """
[docs] __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': 'extended'}
[docs] es_type_name = 'extended_agency'
[docs] def es_public(self) -> bool: # type:ignore[override] return self.access == 'public' and self.published
#: Defines which fields of a membership and person should be exported to #: the PDF. The fields are expected to contain two parts seperated by a #: point. The first part is either `membership` or `person`, the second #: the name of the attribute (e.g. `membership.title`).
[docs] export_fields: dict_property[list[str]] = meta_property(default=list)
#: The PDF for the agency and all its suborganizations.
[docs] pdf = associated(AgencyPdf, 'pdf', 'one-to-one')
[docs] role_mappings: 'relationship[list[RoleMapping]]' = relationship( RoleMapping, primaryjoin=( "and_(" "foreign(RoleMapping.content_id) == cast(, TEXT)," "RoleMapping.content_type == 'agencies'" ")" ), backref='agency', sync_backref=False, viewonly=True, lazy='dynamic' ) # type:ignore[call-arg]
[docs] trait = 'agency'
if TYPE_CHECKING: # we only allow relating to other ExtendedAgency parent: relationship['ExtendedAgency | None'] children: relationship[list['ExtendedAgency']] # type:ignore @property def root(self) -> 'ExtendedAgency': ... @property def ancestors(self) -> 'Iterator[ExtendedAgency]': ... # we only allow ExtendedAgencyMembership memberships memberships: relationship[ # type:ignore[assignment] AppenderQuery[ExtendedAgencyMembership] ] @property
[docs] def pdf_file(self) -> 'StoredFile | None': """ Returns the PDF content for the agency (and all its suborganizations). """ return self.pdf.reference.file if self.pdf else None
# FIXME: asymmetric property @pdf_file.setter def pdf_file(self, value: IO[bytes] | bytes) -> None: """ Sets the PDF content for the agency (and all its suborganizations). Automatically sets a nice filename. Replaces only the reference, if possible. """ filename = '{}.pdf'.format(normalize_for_url(self.title)) pdf = AgencyPdf(id=random_token()) pdf.reference = as_fileintent(value, filename) = filename self.pdf = pdf @property
[docs] def portrait_html(self) -> 'Markup | None': """ Returns the portrait that is saved as HTML from the redactor js plugin. """ return self.portrait
[docs] def location_address_html(self) -> 'Markup': return get_html_paragraph_with_line_breaks(self.location_address)
[docs] def postal_address_html(self) -> 'Markup': return get_html_paragraph_with_line_breaks(self.postal_address)
[docs] def opening_hours_html(self) -> 'Markup': return get_html_paragraph_with_line_breaks(self.opening_hours)
[docs] def proxy(self) -> 'AgencyProxy': """ Returns a proxy object to this agency allowing alternative linking paths. """ return AgencyProxy(self)
[docs] def add_person( # type:ignore[override] self, person_id: 'UUID', title: str, *, order_within_agency: int = 2 ** 16, **kwargs: Any ) -> ExtendedAgencyMembership: """ Appends a person to the agency with the given title. """ session = object_session(self) orders_for_person = session.query( ExtendedAgencyMembership.order_within_person ).filter_by(person_id=person_id) order_within_person = max( (order for order, in orders_for_person), # if this person has no memberships yet, then we start at 0 default=-1 ) + 1 membership = ExtendedAgencyMembership( person_id=person_id, title=title, order_within_agency=order_within_agency, order_within_person=order_within_person, **kwargs ) self.memberships.append(membership) for order, _membership in enumerate(self.memberships): _membership.order_within_agency = order session.flush() return membership
[docs] def deletable(self, request: 'AgencyRequest') -> bool: if request.is_admin: return True if self.memberships.first() or self.children: return False return True
[docs] class AgencyProxy: """ A proxy/alias for an agency. The agencies are routed as adjacency lists and the path is fully absorbed which prevents to add views such as ``/edit`` to be added directy. """ def __init__(self, agency: Agency) -> None: =